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War and Pacifism
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Just War Theory
Just war theory asks 'When is it right to fight?' and 'How should war be fought?'

Ancient philoshopers such as Aristotle and Cicero wrote that a war of self defence was just

The Christian thinkers St Ambrose and St Augustine in…

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Evaluating Just war theory
It maintains core moral principles in a framework permitting violence in controlled circumstances and
against certain targets
It recognises the need the act against a tyrannical agressor that is intent on angression
It prohibits wanton acts of violence in the national interest
Realists argue that the…

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Joshua 10:40 'Joshua spare no one, everyone was put to death' This was commanded by the Lord God
of Israel
God engages in conflict with those who opposes him
10 commandments
Love you enemy
World of peace and justice
Kingdom of god kingdom of peace
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