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The Wakeham Commission Abi Prettyman
The Wakeham Commission was established and drafted to
look at problems in the House of Lords. It was headed by
the life peer and former Conservative Cabinet Minister,
Lord Wakeham. The Royal Commission's report was
called A House for the Future an was published in January
It suggested the power held by the House of Commons and
House of Lords should remain the same but acknowledged
that more substantial regional representation was required
in the House of Lords and for more equal numbers of men
and women.
It proposed 130 recommendations that looked at the work
of the upper chamber. An example would be that the new
chamber would have 550 members with a "significant
minority" of elected members. It stated that existing life
peers may become members of the new second chamber
but may retire when they can no longer hold an active role
within the House. Members of this reformed chamber
would have to wait ten years after their term finishes before
becoming an MP.
The report proposes regulations on appointed members. It
says they would be chosen by an Independent Appointment
Commission, at least 30% of those appointed should be
women, ethnic minorities should be represented in
proportion and relation to the UK population and the
appointment would serve for a fixed term f 15 years (3
electoral cycles) which is renewable for another 15 years.
It also looks at many things such as several alternative
systems for elected members and what to call the new
upper chamber.
It appeared as a White Paper on reform in 2000.


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