Voting Systems!

I am very sorry, I forgot to put one up as "Hybrid", but as a bit of fun, see if you can spot it! Hope you find it useful, Voting systems is something lots of my class, even Miss found difficult XD but i love them so made this!

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Voting Systems
Caelum Davies…read more

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How it works:
Majoritarian or Proportional
Whichever candidate gets
the most votes wins the
seat in that const.
To have a majority in
USED: parliament you need half
the seats +1.
General, Local (16÷2)+1=7
So a party needs to be first past the post to
· Quickly · Winners win, first past 7 MPs.
formed gov Bonus Cyan 2MPs
· MP has · Wasted Magenta 5MPs
close link to Votes Yellow 9MPs
Posi const Negatives
· Negative
· Single Party Voting
So Yellow Wins!
Gov · Winner wont
· Rough always have
Justice most votes
· Simple to · Third/Smalle
understand r parties
· Voter loose out…read more

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How it works:
Majoritarian or Proportional
Like FPTP when seats are won. But for the
People put in there fave two
1 parties, ranked 1 and 2.
The first votes are then tabulated.
USED: Strong
7 is needed for majority...
London Mayor
Dr. John 2
Mrs. Bird
4 Votes 4
No one has
2 Votes one on first 2
· Likely to · Not 5 Votes votes. We 5
lead to Proportional, 2 Votes eliminate 2
Majority Gov but fairer
3 Votes all but top 3
· Maintains · Winners
Posi MP link to
Const. 4
· Only first We distribute the 9
two choices, 2nd votes. This
5 7
not week means someone
votes is guaranteed a 3 Doesn't mean
victory... round 1 fave will
win in the end.…read more

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How it works:
Closed List The members of a constituency simply vote for
their preferred party, they don't see the name of
Majoritarian or Proportional the candidate.
GB European Election 5 OR X System
Will then
3 cause
· Strong · Power to
contection party HQ As the Cyans won there to be
between · No choice of 3seats, the Party HQ will MPS
votes and candidate pick the top 3 people of
Posi seats Negatives
· Coalitions the list to represent that
· Fairer to · Week link area!
smaller between MP LIST OF CYAN
parties and CANDIDATES
· Minorities Constituenc 1. Mr. Bill
Represente y 2. Mrs. Yan
d 3. Mr. Coleman
· Coalitions 4. Miss. James…read more

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Mr. 3 How it works:
1 Rank Candidates. Can be used
for multi member constituency.
Sir. 4
Majoritarian or Proportional Strong
Dr. John 2
USED: Mrs. Bird 5 Eg:
We will have a number of rounds. We will take first votes
Ire EU, Scot Local and see if anyone has more than 6. If they do, there extra
votes are transferred to 2nd choice. If we don't have a
winner yet, we will eliminate the loosing party. When we
have either 3 winners, or all but 3 eliminated we have
· Very finished. X's are votes:
· Strong Complex R Notes
connection · Coalitions
between First votes given.
· No close link 1 xxxx xx
x x Choc has extra.
Posi votes and
Negatives between MP
seats and coalition New winner... so
2 x x magenta eliminated
· Fairer to xxxx xx xxxxxx
xxxx xx and their votes
smaller shifted.
parties 3 xxxx x x
Yellow has 6 now
xxxxxx so safe.
· People can xx xxxx xx
chose and MP xxxx x x Key and Grey cant
· Coalitions
4 xx xxxxxx xxxx xx get 6 now, as Key
has more it wins.
· More Woman Blue. Yellow and Key all win in the 3 seat constituency!…read more

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How it works:
Majoritarian or Proportional
You elect a MP and extra, regional MP. Normally,
The First with open list and ranking, later with
closed list and a single X.
Ms. 1
Wal, Scot & Lon Devolved. Sir.
Dr. John 2
· Doubts Mrs. Bird
MP elected, End of. Part HQ selects the
· Fair to small about top- representative after
parties up/second seats have been
· Fairly member's won.
Posi Proportionate
Negatives job The ratio of how many people are elected varies
· Some MP- · Not as from place to place;
Cons link proportional
· Coalitions as other Wales; 40:20
· Women and systems Germany; 50:50
Minorities can · Coalitions Italy; 75:25
get elected…read more


Old Sir


A well-assembled and clear explanation of the most common systems. Very useful. Students might wish to research examples which exemplify and/or confound the criticisms of these systems, e.g. where the popular vote has not coincided with the winning outcome in FPTP.

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