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Methods used to get the vote:
Please complete the following (Shephard p38-42)
Method Used Used by Specific examples of how Degree of success with evidence
by NUWSS used
Propaganda yes yes The WSPU made a It was quite successful because by
newspaper called `Votes 1914 there were 40000
for Women' newspapers in circulation and the
They used the colours colours became fashionable and
new fashions were produced. It
green, white and purple
was so popular a type of bread
and they sold clothes and
even had wrapping with `Votes for
jewels in these colours Women'.
They also used
pamphlets and posters
Meetings and yes yes Some were held in Demonstrations grew to more than
demonstrations important places like the 20000 attendees
Royal Albert Hall or in
Trafalgar Square
But they also did it on
village greens all over
the UK
Petitions ­ Yes yes By calling out in meetings In 1910 they managed to get
pressure on and by getting petitions 250000 signatures for the
Parliament Conciliation Bill
Civil yes no Many women refused to
Disobedience pay taxes and they
boycotted the 1911
Attacking yes no They smashed It got them lots of attention
property windows because many of them were
They committed arson arrested and sent to prison
Planting bombs in Lloyd
Georges Surrey home
Pouring chemicals into
letter boxes
destroying the letters
Attacking famous
works of art
Cutting telegraph wires
Burning messages into
golf courses with acid

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Attacking people They would attack
doctors which would
refuse to denounce
forced feeding
Police officers
Hunger strikes
How did the following react? (Provide evidence)
1. The authorities? Key ideas words: no clear position/banned/brutality/force-feeding/Cat and
Mouse Act
2. The Press? Key: For and against, The Times, The Daily Mirror
3. The public? Men
Did violence work?
Yes! (evidence) No!(evidence)
The Position of "Votes for Women" in 1914.
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