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This is where D is charged with murder but pleads on of the 3 special defences (i.e. says
not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter)
The 3 special defences are:
Diminished Responsibility
[Suicide Pact]
If the defence is successful D is acquitted of murder and convicted…

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The causes have been subject to broad interpretation and now include brain injury and
multiple forms of depression (reactive, general, paranoia, premenstrual tension etc.)
Emotional causes were not intended to be included within DR but rage (Coles 1980) and
jealousy (Miller 1972) are now acceptable
With intoxication by alcohol or…

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D's Loss of Self Control:
If the jury decide that D did not lose his self control then D must be convicted of murder
D loss of self control must be sudden/temporary and more than just anger or a loss of
temper (Duffy 1949)
The loss of control must be…


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