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Harry Jordan 12RO History

Volksgemeinschaft, or `People's Community', responded to the yearnings for national unity
but ultimately aimed to create a unified, classless racial community of pure Aryan Germans.
Jews, aliens, deviants, the mentally sick and the incurably ill would be excluded.
Although the policy was theoretically equal,…

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Harry Jordan 12RO History

Darré's second reform, the Reich Entailed Farm Law of September 1933, aimed to make
small farmers more secure by ruling that farms of 7.5-125 hectares could not be sold or
o The policy hindered the development of large-scale, more efficient, farms.
o Also unpopular with…

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Harry Jordan 12RO History

Those who worked overtime or had jobs in
the armaments industry enjoyed large
material benefits
From 1942-43, the military situation and material
conditions deteriorated and so so workers' mood
and morale went down.

The landed classes were initially suspicious but soon learn to live with…

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Harry Jordan 12RO History

o The Bund Deutscher Mädel (German Girls League), 14-18.
HJ members were indoctrinated under the `Jewish threat' and `Hitler's heroism'.
Boys engaged in sports and war games whilst girls were taught traditional domestic skills,
physical fitness and personal hygiene. Older girls learned military nursing and air…

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Harry Jordan 12RO History

o Enforcing anti-abortion laws.
o Restricting contraception facilities.
o Propaganda campaigns to enhance the status of wives and mothers, such as the
introduction of the Mother's Cross for women who had large families.

Racial Policy
To ensure a racially pure community, children with congenital deformities…

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Harry Jordan 12RO History

In 1933, the Nazis staged boycotts of Jewish shops and businesses and Jews were prohibited
from owning land.
Jews were excluded from health insurance in 1934 and banned from the military in 1935.
On September 15 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were passed to deprive Jews of…


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