Volcanoes Case Study

Information on Iceland & Philippines.

Tells Basic Facts; Causes, Impacts and Internation Response

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Mount Pinatubo June 1991
Basic Facts
800 killed
100,000 became homeless
The island is located on the destructive plate boundary
between the Eurasian and Philippine plate. It is one of a
chain of Luzon volcanoes, due to the oceanic Philippines
plate being sub ducted under the continental Eurasian
plate. The magma resurfaces due to the density of
molten magma becoming lower than the rock, it them
explodes through the cracks.
5cu.km of volcanic material released
Ash cloud 22 miles high
Pumice pebbles
Pyroclastic flow
Caldera was created
800 killed
2 US military bases damaged by ash
20 million tons of sulphur dioxide ejected resulting
in global temperatures dropping by 0.5 degrees in
75,000 people were evacuated due to accurate predictions.
Evacuation camps were built.

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Eyjafjallajokull 19th
April 2010
Basic Facts
Massive 2.5km caldera
The volcano lies on a constructive plate
boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates known as the
midAtlantic ridge. The molten magma forces its way through the crust and
when a weak point was found at the summit it burst through.…read more


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