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I.G.Kenyon…read more

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Eruption Type…read more

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Plate margins, plate movements and the
distribution of the world's active volcanoes…read more

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The Tectonic setting of Volcanoes
A. Island Arcs - Alaska, Japan and Indonesia
B. Hot Spots ­ Hawaiian Islands, Canary Islands
C. Ocean Ridges ­ Iceland
D. Continental Margins ­ Rockies/Andes of the Americas
E. Continental Rifts ­ East African Rift Valley…read more

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Oceanic Ridge Volcanoes
Examples: Surtsey, Heimaey, Hekla, Laki, Askja, Krafla on Iceland…read more

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Oceanic-Oceanic Convergence ­ Island Arc Volcanoes
Examples: Islands of the West Indies including Montserrat in the Caribbean.
Galunggung, Merapi, Tambora, in Indonesia. Pinatubo in the Philippines.…read more

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