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Mt Pinatubo
June 12th-15th, 1991…read more

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South West of Luzon island,
Philippines.…read more

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Build Up
· There were small eruptions felt by villagers from as early
as July 16 1990.
· The largest eruption was the infamous June 1991
eruption.…read more

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· Composite volcano
· Explosive eruption
· The largest eruption of the century
· Death toll: 800 people
· Richter scale: 7.8
· VEI: 6.…read more

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The Eruption
· Magma oozed from the lava dome
· An ash cloud was formed rising 22 miles
· Gas and ash avalanches fell
· Pyroclastic flows were also caused contributing to the
most deaths.
· Many people were killed by roofs collapsing under the
weight of accumulated wet ash
· Typhoon Yunya passed the area at the same time…read more

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