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Name Date Basic Info Deaths Impact Responses Management
Mt.Etna, Italy July Resulted in the subduction Holiday villas damaged, towns and villages People immediately Rebuilding of damaged
2001 of the Eurasian plate under destroyed (Catania). moved out of the area. buildings.
the African pate. Vegetation destroyed ­ farms covered in US…

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for a week and a half.
Air travel disrupted for a few days
to 2 weeks as several airports in
Eastern Washington shut down
because of ash accumulation and
poor visibility.
Ash ­ contaminated oil systems
and clogged air filters.
Fine ash caused short circuits in
electrical transformers causing

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short lived increase in 42% of globe affected by this aerosol In April evacuation was that was being given ou
steam emissions. cloud. in place of almost half a volcano.
From March there were Buildings collapsed from the weight of the million evacuees being 1mln people evacuated
minimal eruptions and…


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