Vivaldi - Life, works and piece (Spring) Analysis

Just thought that it took me so long to make this, might as well share it. 

Theres a concise biography of his life, influences, musical influence, main facts and an extended analysis of a piece (Spring, The 4 seasons).

The sounds clips in the presentation need the other sound file (spring)

Have fun, and please leave any feedback :)

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By Hannah Parsons…read more

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Biography…read more

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Main facts:
Born in 1678
Is from the Baroque period. And helped it advance
to the classical period.
He is known mainly for composing instrumental
concertos, especially for the violin.
Famous compositions: 4 seasons
Was born into a religious family ­ so his music was
sometimes religious.
Like many, Vivaldi died in poverty in Vienna after a
decline in his popularity July 28, 1741.…read more

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Vivaldi was originally inspired by the musicians at
the Church where he was a violinist. This would
have inspired him to compose more religious
music later on.
His middle-class life was mediocre and
comfortable, thus, not having any negative effect
on his music.
Vivaldi's influence can be felt in the works of
Johann Sebastian Bach, particularly in his arias
and cantatas.…read more

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Young Years
Antonio Vivaldi was born on March 4,1678 in
Calicchioin Venice, Italy.
Came from a poor family. When he was born
­ he had severe asthma and was condemned
to stay home. He was taught the violin by his
father whilst he stayed home.
He began this education at the age of 14 or
15.…read more

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Early Adulthood
After his 10 years of education, he was to
become a priest.
His father was also a priest.
When in training, he would regularly was the
stand-in violinist for his father in the St Mark's
Cathedral orchestra.…read more

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