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Psychology B Unit 2
Visual illusions & theories of perception…read more

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Distortion Illusions
Ponzo illusion
The top horizontal line appears longer than the
line below. We perceive this due to false depth
cues (linear perspective) this triggers the size
constancy depth cue…read more

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Muller-Lyer illusion
The two lines are of equal length but the line
with outgoing fins appears longer due to
people in the western culture living in a
carpentered society. This is when buildings are
built from long straight pieces of material with
right angle joints. The illusion is a result of the
experience we have with ceilings and floors…read more

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Ambiguous Figures
These give two hypotheses from which we are
to choose because we cannot see both
images at the same time within the stimulus
due to the lack of information given. We
cannot make an unambiguous interpretation of
what our senses tell us…read more

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Necker Cube
The same input results in different perceptions
of the cube which appears to have two
orientations. We tend to flip between them
The cube appears to spontaneously reverse if
we look at it for about 30 seconds…read more

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Rubin's Vase
This is an ambiguous figure because we can
either perceive two faces or a vase. Both are
correct so our perceptual system cannot reject
It is also an example of `figure-ground' as one
hypothesis becomes the figure as the other is
the ground…read more

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A very useful presentation, many thanks.

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