Visions and voices

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Visions and voices
Muhammad's (pbuh) vision: vision of the Angel Jibril who have the
prophet messages to recite and proclaim to the people of Makkah
St. Teresa's vision: inner vision of God as she was conscious that he
was there but her senses didn't see it
Revelation to Muhammad (pbuh)
The voice of an angel mediating the words of God
Paul's conversion in Acts 9
Profound effects as these voices carry authority
Does not necessarily need to be an audible voice
Augustine's experience may have involved the natural voice of a child
BUT Augustine interprets it to be a means of God communicating
with him
Natural events can be interpreted as having religious significance
Are visions and voices genuine religious experiences?
Some schizophrenics hear voices telling them to kill people, which
they believe are genuine messages from God
Often linked to physical factors such as fasting


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