Viscosity and Viscometers

A few notes on viscosity and viscometers and how to do some calculations applied to practicals.

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Definition: A quantity expressing the magnitude of such friction, as measured by the
force per unit area resisting a flow in which parallel layers travel slower speeds
compared to those in the middle.
Whats are viscometers ?
Viscometers measure how viscos a substance is, this is useful when considering a
liquid for a certain purposes, there are many different viscometers and they work in
different ways, down below are examples of viscometers, and how they work.
The Ubbelohde Viscometer
Falling sphere Viscometer

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In this experiment we have to know 4 things
The density of the ball
The density of the liquid
The terminal velocity of the ball
The size of the sphere
This experiment works by inserting the liquid for testing into a narrow tube in which it is
stationary, two marks are the places of the tube ( top and bottom) and the time is
measured in which it takes for the ball to get from point A to B in order to calculate
termincal velocity.…read more


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