Virgils Aeneid - Part 2 (298-317)

Style notes on words 298- 317 - hope they help :)

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Part 2
Diverso interea miscentur moenia luctu,
Meanwhile [on] every side of the city was in all forms of grief,
et magis atque magis, quamquam secreta parentis
And more and more, although the secluded house of my father,
Anchisae domus arboribusque obtecta recessit, (300)
Anchises, was set back and overshadowed with trees,
clarescunt sonitus armorumque ingruit horror.
The sound grew clearer and the frightening sound of battle advanced.
excutior somno et summi fastigia tecti
I was shaken from my sleep and onto the highest point of the highest roof,
ascensu supero atque arrectis auribus asto:
I clamber up by climbing and stand with keen ears:
in segetem veluti cum flamma furentibus Austris
Just as when fire collides with the raging south wind through a field,
incidit, aut rapidus montano flumine
torrens (305)
Or the swift torrent of a mountain river flattening the
sternit agros, sternit sata laeta boumque

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Flattening the fertile fields and the labours of the ox
praecipitisque trahit silvas stupet inscius alto
And it drags away the woods headlong; The bewildered
accipiens sonitum saxi de vertice pastor.
shepherd taking in the sound from the top of the rock's pinnacle is astounded.
tum vero manifesta fides, Danaumque patescunt
Then indeed the loyalty became clear, and the ambush of the Greeks was revealed.
insidiae.…read more

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