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Part 2

Diverso interea miscentur moenia luctu,

Meanwhile [on] every side of the city was in all forms of grief,

et magis atque magis, quamquam secreta parentis

And more and more, although the secluded house of my father,

Anchisae domus arboribusque obtecta recessit, (300)

Anchises, was set back and overshadowed…

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Flattening the fertile fields and the labours of the ox

praecipitisque trahit silvas stupet inscius alto

And it drags away the woods headlong; The bewildered

accipiens sonitum saxi de vertice pastor.

shepherd taking in the sound from the top of the rock's pinnacle is astounded.

tum vero manifesta fides, Danaumque…

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