Viral infection

A viral infection handout I made summarising the virus life cycles.

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Viral infection
Fill in the blanks, why don't cha?
Bacteriophages are viruses that infect ______________.
The virus attaches itself to the host cell and inserts its viral DNA. The DNA becomes
incorporated into the host DNA, killing the bacterium. The DNA is then replicated and
new phage particles are assembled.
In the lysogenic pathway, viruses insert their DNA, called a ______________ into the
host DNA so that replication occurs with every host cell division. When the virus has
become part of the reproducing host cell, the virus is said to be ______________.
In the lytic pathway, the cell ______________, releasing new viral particles.
Retroviruses are viruses that infect ___________ _________.
The virus attaches itself to the animal cell, inserting its genetic material. The viral RNA
enters the host cell and is translated into viral DNA by ___________ ______________.
This viral DNA is incorporated into the host DNA and then transcribed into mRNA. Coat
proteins and new viral RNA are produced. The new viral particles are assembled and exit
the cell by ______________.


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