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Butler Model
Village…read more

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The area is
studied to see
whether it would
be a good
location for the
tourist resort
These features
are important so
the area provides
good facilities for
the tourists.
They also need
to be different so
that it is better
than other areas.…read more

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Involvemen This involvement
is important to
t help the process
of developing on
The Village is their local area.
situated where
local residents It could be very
also live. It is difficult for some
important to villagers to come
involve them in to terms with the
all the decision loss of their village
making and to a tourism area.
make them
count in terms of
what is going to
The residents
are also able to
become workers
in the resort and
can use their…read more

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Development Hotels are built in
the village as
The area is set these are one of
for developing the more
and the tourism profitable tourism
begins. areas.
Restaurants are
The beach is
built to allow
expanded for
tourists to taste
two reasons:
the local cuisine ­
1: to allow more
these are mainly
room for tourists
run by the local
2: to protect the
area from any
affects of erosion New roads have
been built to allow
A pier is added easier access to
for more these locations.
attractions. Infrastructure has
improved also.…read more

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Consolidation More houses are
built for local
The final parts of people who most
the village are will work in the
coming together tourism industry.
They are further
Shops are being away so that there
built for tourist is still a village
to buy local atmosphere here
produce and away from the
gifts. This crowded and noisy
increases the areas.
profits made by
local people and We have built
this is around existing
reinvested back vegetation and
into their have replanted
businesses any trees that we
We have tried to have had to take
keep as many down.
houses as
possible.…read more

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The area is
profitable for
many years and
provides a high
income for the
developers.…read more

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