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Functionali 1. Education offers equality of opportunity
2. Education system allocates roles to young people
1. Meritocratic System- `You get what you give' You achieve what you
put in
st 3. Inequality is necessary got smooth functioning 2. Ascribed status ­ Status you were born with
society 3. Achieved status ­ Status you work for
Inequality based on work and how hard you 4. Universalistic Standards ­ The way in which society judges us all e.g. in
have worked depends on what jobs we get society, the sae laws apply to everyone
5. Particularistic Standards- Rules that apply only to a particular child e.g.
and elder son may be given different rights/duties do to age and sex.
6. Social Solidarity ­ The feeling of the individual members in a
community being part of a single `body' or community
7. Intergration ­ The process of fitting into society

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New Right 1. Believe that some people are more naturally
talented than others
Believe there are two roles for the state:
1. The state imposes a framework on schools within which they have to
2. They favour an education system that us run on compete. E.G.…read more


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