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Victims of crime

The definition of victims

In the 1980s the UN put forward what it saw as a universal commonsense definition of
who can be considered a victim `persons who individually or collectively suffered harm
including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss or substantial
impairment of fundamental…

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example while it may be understandable that a person may physically assault another while
on a drunken night out in response to the victim verbally insulting him it would be hard to
imagine a plausible example of victimprecipitated burglary. One of the most common forms
of victim blaming both in…

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dismantling the common perception of `rapebystrangers' as being the most common form
as it showed that 50% of women who had been raped had suffered at the hands of partners
and another 30% had been assaulted by other people that they knew such as friends or
work colleagues. Other gender…

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Feminists have drawn heavily on critical victimology in their attempts to explain due to its
tendency to highlight the lack of victimisation of less powerful social groups such as women
and ethnic minorities. The only way that the state can be made to take issues that are
primarily faced by…


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