Verb Conjugations

Some Essential Verb Conjugations for GSCE French

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Essential Verb Conjugations
J'aimais I used to like
J'ai vendu I sold
Je vendrai I will sell
J'ai fini I finished
Je finirai I will finish
J'avais I had
Il y avait There was
Il y aura There will be
J'étais I was
C'était It was
Je serai I will be
Ce sera It will be
J'allais I used to go
Je faisais I used to do
J'ai fait I did
Je ferai I will do
J'ai dû I had to
Je devrai I will have to
Je devais I would have to
Je voulais I wanted
J'ai dit I said
Je suis venue I came
Je viendrai I will come
J'ai pris I took
J'ai reçu I recieved
Je lisais I used to read
Je buvais I used to drink
Je sais I know
Je connais I know
Je connaissais I used to know
J'ai envoyé I sent
J'enverrai I will send
Il faut It is necessary to
Il faudra It will be necessary to
Je suis née I was born
Je crois I beleive
Nous pourrions We would be able to
Je pouvais I could


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