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4330BC - Mesolithic…read more

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The site
Number of sites ­belong to Ertebølle Culture
Belong to hunter gatherers ­ many sites are
inhumation cemeteries
Cemeteries have a mixture of human and animal
Located on coast ­ liminal
22 bodies
Similar grave goods in most graves
Corpses frequently dressed with ochre ­ Funerary
Layers of occupational debris found ­ exploitation
of seal, wild pig, deer, water birds and fish
Located near water like many Ertebølle sites…read more

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The cemetery contains 17 graves ­ all similar ­
trough shaped excavation 0.5 to 1 metre below
Laid out in parallel rows ­ buried in supine
position…read more

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Grave 8
18 year old woman
Lying on back presumably wearing clothing
190 beads/pendants accompanied her ­ grave
Made from drilled red deer and wild boar teeth
Also a lump of perforated snail shells beneath
her pelvis alongside teeth from deer, seals and
A hammer stone lay beside her head
The body of a young child lay to one side on a
swan's wing and a large knife placed by it's
side.…read more

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Grave 19A
Male with a bone point embedded between 2nd
and 3rd thoracic vertebrae…read more

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Other details
2 dog skulls recovered from site ­no sign of
killing, skinning or consumption
One man's body was laid on antlers ­ only
burial of old people
Buried with tools ­ grave goods ­ typical for
adult males
Red ochre present
Legs were weighed down with large stones ­
Shaman?…read more

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Thanks, a nice straightforward summary!

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