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Vectors are basically a way of describing the movement form
a starting point to and ending point.
In this pic, a vector is being used to describe the movement from
point A to point B. You can see in this pic that a bold a (a) has been
used to describe the movement from A to B.
There are also 2 other ways you can describe this vector.
This pic demonstrates another way to describe the same vector
shown above^^
Vectors are basically a way of describing the movement form a
starting point to and ending point.
So in this pic, you can describe the movement as .The starting
point is A. So this means, from A go 3 to the right and 4 up.
However, if you were at point B and were going to point A, you would go down 4 and left 3. You
would write that as but just with a minus sign (-) in front of the numbers. So basically right=
positive number. Left = negative number. Up= positive number. Down= negative number.
One other way of describing this movement from point A to
point B is just simply . So basically a -> b.
Adding Vectors:

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So, now say this is a road. Were at point P but need to get to point R ( see my purple annotation in
the pic). so what path would you take? You would go from point P to point Q then to point R right?
So just to write it in mathy language, u would write...
. Simple :D . Or you would write it as this...
So what we did her was firstly find the movement from P to Q.…read more

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So now, a Typical exam question:
Triangles ABC and XYZ are equilateral.
X is the midpoint of AB, Y is the midpoint of BC, Z is the
midpoint of AC.
=a, =b, =c
Express each of the following in terms of a,b and c.
Now one thing to remember, Two vectors are equal if they have the same magnitude and
direction, regardless of where they are on the page.…read more

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X and going to point C. hmm... so what I'd do is, from point X, go to point Z
and then from point Z to point C. simple right?
So from point X to point Z, we take the vector b. Then from point Z, we
goto point C, so we take the vector c. So, the answer is simply, b+c.
4. .
Pretty much self-explanatory :D
AX is the same as XB.…read more


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