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Vectors are basically a way of describing the movement form
a starting point to and ending point.

In this pic, a vector is being used to describe the movement from
point A to point B. You can see in this pic that a bold a (a) has been

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So, now say this is a road. Were at point P but need to get to point R ( see my purple annotation in
the pic). so what path would you take? You would go from point P to point Q then to point R right?
So just to write…

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So now, a Typical exam question:

Triangles ABC and XYZ are equilateral.
X is the midpoint of AB, Y is the midpoint of BC, Z is the
midpoint of AC.

=a, =b, =c

Express each of the following in terms of a,b and c.







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3. ... starting from X and going to point C. hmm... so what I'd do is, from point X, go to point Z
and then from point Z to point C. simple right?

So from point X to point Z, we take the vector b. Then from point Z, we…


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