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Phylogeny…read more

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a) define the terms classification,
phylogeny and taxonomy;
· Classification: Grouping of organisms
based on various features
· Phylogeny: history of evolution of an
· Taxonomy: Study of principles of
classification. Classificatory group is called
a taxon.…read more

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b) explain the relationship between
classification and phylogeny;
· Organisms are put into taxa according to
probable evolutionary relationships.…read more

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Variation…read more

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a)define the term variation;
b) discuss the fact that variation
occurs within as well as between
· Difference between organisms
· Can occur within species and different
species…read more

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(c) describe the differences between
continuous and discontinuous variation, using
examples of a range of characteristics found in
plants, animals and micro organisms;
· Continuous ­ can change (environmental)
· Weight (animals), colour or leaves (plants)
· Discontinuous- set categories can't
change (genetic)
· Eye colour, colour of petals…read more

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