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Variables, formulas, functions and
AS ICT OCR chapter 4
By Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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· Identifier associated with a particular cell, in the cell there's a
· Can be a cell reference e.g. D4 or a cell name e.g. VAT_RATE…read more

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· Instruction to the computer to process data held in specific
· The way a calculation is represented on a spreadsheet
· Use addresses of cells (cell references or names) and
mathematical operators such as * or /
· Example: A12+(A12*VAT_RATE)…read more

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· Standard routine built into the computer
· Uses reserved words like SUM
· Used to represent a formula that's to long for a user to enter
in manually
· Examples:
-SUM- add up all range of cells and gives total
-MAX- maximum value in a list
-MIN- minimum value in a list
-LOOKUP- gives a value in a list
-AVERAGE- mean of a range of cells…read more

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· Set of procedures that must be followed
· E.g. If a calculation needs 2 values then 2 values must be
· A validation rule can be added to make sure the value is given
· Also a sequence of events needed for a calculation to work.…read more


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