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What are values issues?
Values issues have an impact on our lives and
on the products that we use.
Values issues can be the driving force behind
product development.
For example ­ legislation has been introduced
about environmental issues ­ the need to
follow this legislation has meant new products
have been developed.…read more

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We will look at:
Global market place
Cultural, economic, environmental,
ethical, moral, political and social issues.
The impact of values issues on design
and manufacture.
Responsibilities of developed countries.…read more

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Global Market Place
What is meant by the global market place?
Multinational companies who sell their products
Name some products that are sold on the global
market place?
Clothing, petrol, cars, electronics, finance, food, hotels.…read more

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The Impact of Electronic
Communications on Global
The high speed information revolution has enabled global
marketing. What does this mean?
Fast electronic communication eg by internet, video conferencing.
How can companies bring the price of their products down and
become competitive?
Reduce labour and materials costs.
How can they do this?
Outsource their manufacture to countries where labour costs are
Name some countries?
North Africa and Asian countries.…read more

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Economic, Environmental,
Moral, Political and Social
Issues Related to Global
Free trade and global marketing have a major
impact on quality of life, employment and the
Head offices of multinationals are located in
MEDC's (W Europe and N America).
Some multinationals are also based in NIC's
(Singapore, Korea, Taiwan).
LEDC's are being used for manufacture.…read more

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Drawbacks of
What do you think the negative side of the
global marketplace is?
Environmental damage.
Low level skill jobs.
Top jobs are for executives from MEDC.
Company profits go back to MEDC.
Multinationals cut corners on health and safety.
Political pressure.
Raw materials are imported.
Goods are exported.…read more

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Pros of Globalisation
What are the good things about the
global market place?
Employment and higher living standard.
Improved expertise of local workforce.
Foreign currency comes into the country.
Widens country's economic base.
Transfer of new technology.…read more

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Cultural, Economic, Environmental,
Ethical, Moral, Political and Social
Designers need to consider the values of their
target market.
For example what is fashionable this year
won't be next year.
Designers have to keep up with current and
future trends relating to artistic, cultural and
social influences.
They also have to understand how economic,
political, ethical, moral and environmental
issues impact on consumers.…read more

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Cultural and Social Trends
and Lifestyle Issues
Fashion designers have to find out what
cultural values, social values and lifestyles their
target market have.
For example ­ Eastern culture may be in
Socially people may want environmentally
friendly garments.
People may have active lifestyles and need
appropriate garments.…read more


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