Validity - key terms

This is the key terms that are linked to validity :D 

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Is how true, or legitimate, something is as an explanation of
behavior. It involves the issues of control, realism and
generalisability. It is not about confirming your
Mundane realism
Refers to how a study mirrors the real world. The simulated
task environment is realistic to the degree, to which
experiences encountered in the environment will occur in
the real world.
Is to be able to generalise the results beyond the particular
unique research setting, ­ in particular to be able to
understand behavior in everyday life.
Inter Validity
Is whether the study has tested what it set out to test the
degree to which the observed effect was due to the
experimental manipulation rather than other factors such as
extraneous variables.
External Validity
Is the degree to which a research finding can be
generalised: to other groups of people and to other settings
over time.


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