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USSR Control Over
Eastern Europe
Done by:
Imi…read more

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The USSR had been invaded three times:
i. In World War 1
ii. In Russian Civil Wars
iii. In World War 2
USSR's control over Eastern Europe had a great
impact the world, actually it was one of the leading
causes that lead to Truman's mistrust towards Stalin
and therefore resulting the Cold War.…read more

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USSR's plans for Eastern
USSR had a very bad experience form the
world wars, they had lost many casualties during
World War 2.
First of all, USSR had never planned in joining
World War 2. She had planned to step back from
the war, so that while the rest of the other
countries are losing their power and economy in
the war, USSR would still remain intact and strong
and can easily control Eastern Europe.
However, this plan had fallen badly when
USSR felt threatened by the growing Germany and
joined the war.…read more

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Why did USSR want control of Eastern
USSR felt insecure after World War 2, so
USSR started to control Eastern Europe because
of the following reasons:
o The Soviet Union wanted to create a buffer zone
to the West of Russia, in order to protect USSR
o In an event of another war, the Soviets could fight on soil
other than Russian and fight there
o To provide USSR with coal, industrial equipment,
technology, rolling stock in order to build her
industry…read more

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How did USSR get control?
Persuading the Big Three that USSR can have
Eastern Europe as their sphere of influence in
the Potsdam conference
Communist Posts
Use of force…read more

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