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Behaviour in humans &
other animals
Created by Arwa Eljreiby…read more

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Animals are everywhere, high up
on trees and mountains, deep
under the sea and under the
ground we walk on, in caves and in
holes. Some live in our homes.
Animals are all useful to us in a
way or another,
As they entertain us, they are our
companions and we also eat them,
they are used in many different
ways.…read more

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They help keep the earth in balance (i.e.: ecosystem)
·They can be used as a source of food.
·Their skin can be used to make clothing and shoes.
·Their waste can be used as fertilizer.
·Various chemicals, organs, , bones, blood and fats can be used
to create medicine vitamins, and body care items (skin cream,
makeup, shampoo, etc) as well as are used to make food.
·Fats can be used to flavor foods, make wax and many other
· Can provide bi-product food such as honey, milk and eggs and
·They are a source of food for other animals that are kept as
pets or in captivity.
The list is endless, sadly most of them involve killing the animal.
In this PowerPoint you will see some of these Uses in more
detail..…read more

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Dogs, houses are examples
of animals used for
hunting. Disadvantages
Opponents also argue that
hunting does not reduce
Advantages the species population
Proponents argue that because removing some
hunting is an effective individuals from the
form of population population results in more
management because it food per species , which
will remove a number of leads to the births of more
individual species from a twins and triplets.
population and prevent
those individuals from
reproducing.…read more

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Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Dogs, Camels
and Ducks est. are examples of animals
used for farming
Are used as food; milk, meat
and eggs and they play a very
important part in out diet.
Its an advantage for the animals
as they are looked after and
Animals such as cows can
cause pollution when they
pass wind.…read more

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Sheep's wool , cow's leather,
snake's skin and leopards fur are
all used as clothing.
Are warm and comfortable
and are used for ideas to
design patterns on clothing
(image above)
Endangers animals, such
as Tigers est.…read more

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