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Examiners want to see a
RANGE of punctuation:
Full Stops .
Commas ,
Question Marks ?
Exclamation Marks !
Colons :
Semi-colons ;
Brackets ( )…read more

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Using Semi-colons ;
Semi-colons can be useful to indicate a short pause,
They can be use to separate two main clauses in a sentence,
when they are closely related, or they can be used to
separate items in a list where the items listed consist of long
I can see the seagulls flying over the fields; apple trees
stretching across the hills; distant clouds billowing high; and
the farm dogs barking loudly.
Elephants live in hot countries; they cool off by bathing.
I use the library for many things: researching for homework;
meeting up with my friends; broadening my knowledge
beyond school; checking my e-mail on the internet; and
getting out of the house.…read more

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Now you try...
`As my eyes wandered around the
classroom I saw...'…read more

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Colon :
A colon is used to introduce a quote or a list:
The writer suggests she is in danger: `She saw the dagger
glint in the light'.
For a healthy life you must think about the following: eat well,
sleep well and be happy.
For a healthy life you must think about the following: eat at
least 5 pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables every day; make
sure you get at least 8 hours sleep every night; and be happy.…read more

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Now you try...
To do well in your GCSEs you must:…read more

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Using brackets ( )
Brackets mark off part of a sentence, giving extra information
that is not vital to the meaning of the sentence. They can also
be used to provide extra comments.
The Mercedes (in my view the finest make of car) can cruise
Many people believe that the BBC (British Broadcasting
Corporation) is the finest television service in the world.
Miss Westcott (an English teacher) told the class everything
they needed to know to pass their GCSEs.
Mum brought out a huge bowl of foul smelling sprouts (oh no,
we thought) and started dishing them out.…read more

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