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Nano-Technology…read more

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Nano Technology
Nanometre ­ is a unit of length. It is equal to 1 billionth of a
Nanoparticle ­ are very small particles. They are classed in
diameter length. Fine particles range from 100 to 2500
nanometres and ultra-fine particles range from 1 to 100
Nanotube ­ is a nanometre scale which has a tube-like
Nanocomposite ­ is a solid material that has dimensions
less than 100 nanometres.
Nanobot ­ is a machine/robot which is at or close to a
nanometre (10^-9 meters).…read more

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Uses of Nano Technology
USE 1 ­ weapon of mass destruction. If a
form of Nanobot were created which were
able to kill humans after entering through
the oesophagus, then if they were added
to the water supply's then millions would
die ­ easily!…read more

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USE 2 - Sun Cream. Nanoparticles have
been used in sun cream to lessen the
chances of have a whitish tinge after
applying the sun cream.…read more

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USE 3 ­ Nano Toothpaste. Nanoparticles
that not only seeks out but actually repairs
damage to tooth enamel. When nano-
hydroxyapatite is used in toothpaste, it
forms a protective film on tooth enamel,
and even restores the surface in damaged
areas.…read more

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USE 4 ­ Nanomedicine ­ (in future life)
could be used to be inserted onto DNA so
it could identify and repair changes in it.
This means that illnesses like cancer and
HIV could be cured.…read more

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