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Highland farming
Farming - especially sheep-farming - has been done in
highland areas for centuries.

Sheep in the Yorkshire Dales ------------------------->
It has shaped the landscape, helped to build local communities
and is an important part of local economies.
Farming may harm the environment.
Trees and other vegetation…

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Not everyone in local communities welcome tourists. Some fear interference with their
livelihoods (eg farmers), or cause congestion and pollution by bringing their cars and
leaving rubbish on hillsides.
Tourist developments like building ski lifts can spoil the landscape.
Too much recreational activity may damage fragile environments (eg soil erosion…

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Lowland areas attract tourists who do recreational activities including horse riding,
walking, fishing, boating and many others.
Fertile areas are also good for creating golf courses.

Badly-managed tourism can cause damage to the environment through soil erosion,
pollution and over fishing.
It can also interfere with local livelihoods (eg…


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