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Ben Smith
Uses of an Ecosystem
Forestry Plantations
Growing specific trees to be bought. An answer to illegal logging. Does not maintain wildlife.
Limits and restrictions have to be set for easy recovery of system
Cattle Ranching
Clearing areas to allow cattle to graze. Soil becomes infertile then ranchers move on. The problem spreads
Not easy to grow back
Conservation education
Educating people about values of local people. The forest for the locals provides and protects for them.…read more

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Ben Smith
Cutting down large amounts of forests and burning for the use of mining. Large amount of money as will last long term but destroys ecosystems, an economic benefit.
Slash & Burn
Growing crops in one area for several years then moving on. Burning the land retains nutrients meaning easy re growth through natural occurrence is easy
Involves conserving an area and providing jobs for the locals. Helps bridge cultural differences whilst maintaining the environment.…read more


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