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User interfaces
AS ICT chapter 2…read more

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Command user interface
· Allows you to interact directly with the computer by
entering commands
Advantages Disadvantages
If the user knows the correct For inexperienced users it can be
commands then the interface is confusing
quicker than other interfaces
Uses less memory Commands have to be entered
precisely otherwise the command
will fail
Low resolution, cheaper monitor If you mistype a instruction you
can be used have to start again…read more

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Menu interface
· Allows you to interact by going through a series of
menus and by following options from lists the user can
choose from
Advantages Disadvantages
Easy for inexperienced users to If poorly designed it's hard too
use use
No commands to learn Irritating if there too many
menus to work through
Step by step instructions sot the Takes up a lot of screen space
user doesn't have to remember
everything…read more

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Dialogue interface
· Uses spoken words to allow users to communicate
with their environment and give instructions
Advantages Disadvantages
Allows for hands free control- Only limited uses
safer for drivers
Useful for physically disabled Expensive to develop
May not work well if there is high
background noise of if the user
has a strong accent…read more

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Natural language interface
· Allows user to speak or type in their natural language
to interact with the computer
Advantages Disadvantages
User doesn't need to be trained Poor reliability- only responds to
how to use it commands that have been
More flexibility than a dialogue Highly comples to program
Suitable for physically disabled Not widely available
people…read more

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WIMP interface
· Windows- area of screen where applications are run
· Icon- picture used to represent a application that
when clicked, opens a application in a window
· Menu- list of options from which the user chooses
· Pointer- symbol like an arrow that moves around the
screen when you move the mouse…read more

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Ibrahim - Team GR


Hi, The content is amazing and great! I must say though the colours are too strong and they hurt my eyes a little with the light green and the pink. Other than that, this User Interfaces PPT is great and detailed!!

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