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to kill a mockingbird quotes
· Education…read more

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"you're father does not know how
to teach"…read more

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"it was times like these when I
thought my father who hated guns
and had never been to any wars,
was the bravest man who ever
lived"…read more

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"I wanted you to see what real
courage is, instead of getting the
idea that courage is a man with a
gun in his hand. It's when you're
licked before you begin but you
begin anyway and you see it
through no matter what. You rarely
win but sometimes you do"…read more

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"Atticus had promised he would
wear me out if he ever heard of me
fighting any more; I was far too old
and too big for such childish things
and the sooner I learned to hold in
the better off everybody would be"…read more

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"when a child asks you something,
answer him, for goodness sake. But
don't make a production of it.
Children are children, but they an
spot an evasion quicker than adults,
and evasion simply muddles `em"…read more

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