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Useful Quotations for Candy


"...a tall, stoop-shouldered old man ..."

"...out of the sleeve came a round stick-like wrist, but no hand."

"The swamper warmed to his gossip."

He has a "hell of an old dog."

Tells George:

"I ought to of shot that dog myself ... I shouldn't…

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"Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality."

George says:

"Jesus, what a tramp. So that's what Curley picks for a wife."
"... a piece of jail-bait."
"... a rat-trap if I ever seen one."

She is isolated; a victim of Curley:

"Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever'…

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"You're yella as a frog belly ... "I'll kick your god-damn head off."

Slim says:
"The dirty little rat ...

Curley says:
"I'm gonna shoot the guts outa that big bastard."

Useful Quotations for Crooks

"... a lean negro head, lined with pain, the eyes patient."

"... thin, pain-tightened…

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Useful Quotations for George


"... small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong

George looks after Lennie:

He says to Lennie:
"I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn't have you on my tail. I
could live so easy and…

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"... all talk stopped when he spoke."
"His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject ..."
"His hatchet face was ageless. He might have been thirty-five or fifty."
"His ear heard more than was said to him ..."
"... slow speech ... understanding beyond thought."…

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"If he (the boss) finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we won't get
no job..."

George says :
" HE got kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid. He's awright.
Just ain't bright."

George says :
"He's dumb as hell, but he ain't…

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Lennie to Curley's wife:
"I like to pet nice things with my fingers, sof' things."

George says (after Curley's wife is killed):
"All the time he done bad things, but he never done one of `em mean."


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