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For the biology exam:

Whenever talking about enzyme or antibodies specify they are proteins
with a specific tertiary shape
`What is the difference between the structure of a cholera bacterium
from the structure of an epithelial cell from the small intestine'...Cholera
bacterium is prokaryotic!
`How the epithelial cells that line…

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In talking about taking loads of results to get rid of anomalous results,
mention how a mean can be taken
How active transport is different from facilitated diffusion: It uses
metabolic energy in the form of ATP, molecules or ions move up a
concentration gradient
Why is there a delay…

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Talk about oxygen when explaining how a blood clot can lead to a
myocardial infarction
Why some vaccines are not taken orally... Broken down by
enzymes/molecules are too large to be absorbed
Whenever talking about memory cells, specify they induce a
greater/more rapid response and that the virus is destroyed…


Mark Austin


Excellent set of last minute notes, good summary of most topics! Fair to say I will be reading these on the morning of my exam this Tuesday. Thank you :) 

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