Useful bible references by topic- New Testament (1)

Kingdom of God, NT Background and methodology, Parables.

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Bible reference What it refers to Topic
LK 17:20-21 Realised view Kingdom of God
MK 1:15 Futuristic view
Wisdom 10:10 Only part of jewish
scripture that contains
phrase KoG
LK 17:11 Confuses "the region NT setting and background
between Samaria and
LK 1:1-4 "orderly account" "know
the truth" Theophilus
MK 13:11-13 Focus on persecution
MK 1:14 Jesus begins with urgency
"time is fulfilled"
MK 6:31 Human Jesus- is tired
MT 23 Antisemitic- condemns
Jewish leaders
MT 16:17-20 Emphasis on Peter as
foundation for church
MK 4 The growth parables Parables
(sower, growing seed,
mustard seed)
MT 25 10 bridesmaids, talents,
sheep and goats
LK 15 Lost sheep, lost coin,
prodigal son
LK 16 Dishonest manager, Rich
man and Lazarus
MK 12:1-12 The wicked tenants

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