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Use And Abuse Of Drugs
Some of the most common problems we face in
our society are robbery, murder, sexual abuse,
etc. There is one thing common among people
who commit these crimes which is drugs.
In general drug is defined as any substance
when taken affects or modifies…

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to produce feelings of excitement or calm they
may be dangerous.
Side effect is an unknown or undesirable effect
which happens due to consumption of drugs.
There are many side effects that can arise if
drugs are being used continuously for a long
period of time. This isn't always the…

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bad-tempered, anxious or depressed, unable to
escape from problems.
Physical Dependence
He must keep on consuming the drug or else he
may experience withdrawal symptoms. Some
withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting,
muscular pain, diarrhea, uncontrollable shaking
and hallucination.
Due to drug dependency the addict starves
themselves as they think eating…

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dosage it will increase to such an extent that it
can cause the death of the addict.
Commonly abused drugs
Stimulants-:This increases the activity of the
nervous system and make the person more
alert.Stimulants can cause increase in heart
rate,rate of breathing and blood pressure.
Continued usage of stimulants can…

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Hallucinogen-:This type of drugs cause the
abuser to experience illusion and
hallucination.They can see,hear and feel things
that actually don't exist. A good example of
hallucinogen is LSD (Lysergic Acid
Diethylamide).It is consumed with foods such as
gelatin or sugar cubes.A few particles of this is
enough intoxication.


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called opium. This is used as a powerful sedative
Heroin can be taken into the body by smoking
with tobacco, injecting it to the skin surface or
directly to the vein, snorting, etc. most users
experience a sleepy, pleasant euphoria and total
relief from stress and anxiety as the…

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people and sometimes murder people as
Affects lungs-: use of heroin depresses the
respiratory system, which slows breathing
and lowers blood pressure. Used over time,
it can cause a slow and irregular heart rate.
The heart may have to work harder because
heroin can also cause a buildup of…

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Alcohol is a powerful depressant found in liquid
state.The chemical name for alcohol is ethanol
denoted by the formula C2H5OH.This is found in
alcoholic drinks such as whisky, brandy, vodka,
beer, wine in different percentages.The brain is
the first organ to be affected by the
consumption of alcohol.A depressant slows…

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In this project included lots of information about
drugs like alcohol,heroin,cigarette(smoking),etc.
Stimulants,Depressants,hallucinogen are also


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