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Why did US economy boom in 1920?
WWI left USA not suffering from financial & physical damage that affected European nations e.g.
industry boosted in wartime production = owed enormous sums by Allies
Republicans in power throughout 1920s

What factors was the economic boom based?

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Why did some industries prosper while some did not?

Winners of the boom
Growth of national wealth = money spend on new good
Skyscrapers, highways and urban development.
Henry Ford & automobile industry
o Henry Ford ­ greatest car figure industry
o By 1908 developed first…

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How far did the US society change in the 1920s?
How widespread was intolerance in US society?
Immigration Laws
o During 19th century as interior of USA
opened up for settlement people from Europe ALL came in
o Early 20th century felt America was too full…

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o 1915 stated again by Georgia William Simmons ­ kept original ideas or Klan but added
hatred to: Catholics, Jews, foreigners, homosexuals, anyone of liberal views
o Soon began recruit member outside traditional homeland of Deep S
o By 1925 reached peak of 5 million members…

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o Black musicians often played it in speakeasies,, it was seen as wild and exciting - which
soon made it very popular.

How far did the role of women change during 1920s?
1920 women gained right to vote
During 1920 more women went out for work…

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What were the consequences and causes of the Wall Street
How far was speculation responsible for the Wall Street Crash?
o 1928 Herbert Hoover elected president ­ USA enjoying benefits of economic boom!
o He predicted that there will be an end in poverty…

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To end prohibition



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