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Why did the US Stock market crash in 1929?
Wall Street Crash triggered the depression
Cause by massive loss in confidence and panic
Uncontrolled bear market where everybody tried to sell shares with no buyers
Stock market unregulated ­ basic idea of laissez faire put in place
Stock market was…

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How successful were Republican policies in helping the economy of the
USA in the years 1920 to 1932?

In the 1920s Republican policies had both positive and negative effects
Laissez faire led to massive increase in easy credit that allowed huge consumer boom
stimulated economy and contributed to the…

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Role of president- Roosevelt keen on this- encouraged Hays to work for this by sending a
second Open Door policy note
Important reasons: Trade opportunities countries like china presented
Hays' determination to protect US economy and trade

How did Hoover respond to the effects of the depression in October


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