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The New Deal
Alphabet Agencies
WPA…read more

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Key Quotes: FDR's Inauguration
This Nation asks for action,
and action now. Our
greatest primary task is to
put people to work. I shall
ask congress for broad
executive power to wage
was against the emergency.…read more

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The New Deal: Alphabet
The Alphabet Agencies were set up to
help reverse the `Spiral of Depression.'
The main aim was to pump money back
into the economy by giving the
unemployed jobs.
Not everyone within the Democratic Party
agreed exactly how this should be done.…read more

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Causes of the Depression
Demand Fewer goods People lose
drops. are sold. their jobs.
The Spiral
In order to Even more people
stay in business Of Lose their
companies cut confidence
wages And spend less
Depressio money
People lose n
confidence & Demand Companies are
start saving drops even forced to cut costs
their further. by laying people off
money…read more

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Reversing the Spiral of Depression
Alphabet Government More Pay =
Agencies Spending $ More Taxes
More Jobs More Jobs
More Spending of
called More goods have
this Process to be produced
`Pump Priming'
Demand for Demand for
goods increases goods increases
More goods have More people with More
to be produced Jobs = more pay $ Spending…read more

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How do you put the USA back to
Harry Hopkins Harold Ickes…read more

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