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Pressure Groups

Are `Interest Groups' good for democracy in America?
"Sow the seed of conflict in our society"
Pluralist theory ­ many groups representing different interests
Elite and class theory ­ the rich and powerful win
Members don't always guarantee success ­ 13m college students at any
one time, far…

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Michelle Bachmann, one of the most outspoken advocates of oil drilling, has
been funded largely by American oil companies
PACs are influential PACs are not so influential
Romney's Super PAC spent over $20m Every major candidate has had a Super
on adverts ­ mostly negative, arguably PAC ­ while they…

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Not much in the way of regulations on special interest groups favouring the
wealthy and buying influence and power ­ plenty of regulation put in, but they
always get around it
(Teddy Roosevelt started dealing with this in his tenure at the turn of the 20th
century, but it has…

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o Howard Dean model has changed things for elections, making it
possible to raise large amounts of money and support through smaller
o Obama opted out of federal funding of elections as he thought he
could raise more money via his own efforts and the Dean model
o Obama…


Old Sir


A very useful contribution to any survey/discussion of the recent work of US pressure groups and any debate about the degrees to which the do and do not have an impact upon American politics.

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