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-Was a campaign modelled on the past (especially from her husband Bill
Clinton's campaign back in 1992)
-Weak personnel organisng the campaign, notably Patti Solis Doyle and
chief strategist Mark Penn who were blamed for the organisational failure.
-The headquarters most senior staff had no real presidential campaign
-Clinton's staff were "distracted from battling senator Obama while they
hurled expletives at one another, stormed out of meetings and schemed to
get another fired"…read more

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-Poor organisation and management led to the failure of the Clinton
campaign to beat Obama's team in the money primary.
-Clinton raised money through "fat cats" and "whales" (big money donors)
whilst Obama raised money through the internet , using their campaign
website like a social networking site.
-Obama's supporters gave $100 or less but they gave again and again.
-In the first 3 months of 2008, Obama raised more money than Clinton on
81 out of 91 days. On 6th February, the day after super Tuesday, Obama
raised $3 million whilst Clinton only raised $250,000.…read more

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-Clinton made the strategic blunder by focusing on experience in a
Democratic primary. They don't want experience, they want change and
newness, that's why they're Democrats.
-When voters in exit polls were asked "which quality mattered most in
deciding how you voted- can bring about change, or has the right
experience?", voters overwhelmingly responded that it was "change".…read more

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-Her 3rd place finish in Iowa was a huge setback and from the evening of
the 3rd of January she was always on the defensive.
-Coming back from a second place Iowa finish is doable. Regan finished
2nd but the antidote to an Iowa defeat is a big win in New Hampshire
straight afterwards.
-In 2008 although Clinton did come back to win in New Hampshire, it was
only by 3%
-Highlights the importance of these two early contests.…read more

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-"It'll all be over by 5 February"- she was THAT confident that she would
wrap up the nomination process and see off the opposition.
-She did not plan past that date and when Obama fought her to a draw on
super Tuesday, only he had a plan to go forward from that date.…read more

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