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HWMargarita M.23.09.12

Urbanization in Gloucester (MEDC) Case Study


the 1800s farmers often brought food and
produce into a market going down a
well established route, entering from
the east side of the city and through the
east gate. This route was now called
East road. Blacksmiths saw the east…

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HWMargarita M.23.09.12

far away from the industrial east side. Throughout the mid 1800s the city
continued to grow outwards as houses were built on the edge of the city. In
1879 horse drawn trams were introduced in order to transport he increasing
number of people to their workplaces in the…

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HWMargarita M.23.09.12

Overview: what caused city growth in Gloucester?

Blacksmiths took advantage of the busy east road and built
workshops there
In the 1800s the industrial revolution came and the small
workshops were turned into factories
With the constant need for a supply of coal a network of
canals was…

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HWMargarita M.23.09.12

Urbanization in South Africa (LEDC) Case Study

Why do young people move from the rural areas to the cities?

Push factors from rural areas

Rural life provides few basic services
People need to collect drinking water from a well
There may be little sanitation
No electricity
People make…


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