Urbanisation in gloucester (MEDC case study) and south Africa (LEDC case study)

my two casestudies on urbanisation 

glocester - MEDC

south africa - LEDC

hope it helps ;)

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HWMargarita M.23.09.12
Urbanization in Gloucester (MEDC) Case Study
the 1800s farmers often brought food and
produce into a market going down a
well established route, entering from
the east side of the city and through the
east gate. This route was now called
East road. Blacksmiths saw the east
road as an opportunity for business and
soon began establishing workshops
along it. They were soon joined by
ironmongers, saddlers, cobblers and
carpenters who all set up workshops along the busy roads.
As the 1800s progressed the industrial revolution came and with its help the
city soon began to take shape. The industrial revolution brought coal powered,
steam driven machinery to the already established workshops and
transformed them into small factories. The factories required a constant
supply of coal, so in the 1830s the city had built a network of canals with
barges distributing coal around the city.
Factories thrived and expanded and they needed a
large workforce, which soon migrated into the city.
The factory workers need accommodation so small
terrace houses were built. Large grand houses
were built for wealthy factory owners, traders,
merchants and bankers in the west side of the city,

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HWMargarita M.23.09.12
far away from the industrial east side. Throughout the mid 1800s the city
continued to grow outwards as houses were built on the edge of the city. In
1879 horse drawn trams were introduced in order to transport he increasing
number of people to their workplaces in the center of the city.
By 1930 an electric tram system was built in order to serve the growing
number of homes being built on the edge of the city.…read more

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