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Urbanisation is the increase in proportion of people living in towns and cities.
It's happening all over the world and now more than 50% (3.4 billion people)
of the world's population live in urban areas but this is always increasing.
Large cities in developed countries have been around for…

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to find food and to make an income to buy food and necessities. As populations grow in rural areas, other necessities
like forests, school places and water available per family becomes sparser.
The agricultural labour force is expected to drop. Many companies are bringing in machines that can do the…

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redevolpment will also include schools, parks and other services for the slum dwellers. The deal with the government
and the developers says that if the developers can fit this all into 30 million square feet then they will be awarded
the remaining 40 million square feet to do as they…


Mr A Gibson


Nothing basic about the detail in these notes - fundamental elements of the topic of Urbanisation that I would be printing out to include in my folder.

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