Urban Tourism

Urban Tourism - leisure/business/conference tourism.

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1. Urban Tourism includes activities such as:
Leisure tourism lined to the particular features of urban areas.
Business tourism linked to the economics, social and cultural
vitality of towns and cities.
Conference tourism linked to the facilities available in and the
image of towns and cities.
2. Reasons for expansion in urban tourism:
Regenerate historic towns and cities.
More diverse cultural pursuits.
Search for spending opportunities.
Consumers interest in heritage/history.
3. Urban tourism is more important in cities worldwide because people are
taking more, but shorter holidays, the advent of the (EU) single market
and the general increase in mobility.
4. Birmingham has attempted to attract the more affluent tourists to the
area by investing in new exhibition centres, the symphony hall etc. It's
marketed as a modern, vibrant city and has also tried to attract both
leisure and business visitors.
5. Urban tourism in Birmingham contributes £1 billion to the local
economy, as well as 18.7 million visitors every year (15.8 million
leisure visitors and 2.9 million overnight visitors). This provides at
least 22,200 "direct jobs" and 8500 "indirect jobs".
6. In 2003, overseas visitors to Birmingham rose to 720,000; that is 7%
higher than in 2002 and over 60% higher than in 2001. The city is
therefore now the fourth most visited location by overseas visitors.
7. At present, Birmingham has 42 hotels in the city centre (13400 berths).
Over the next four years, 8 hotels are due to open in the city centre


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