Urban Land Use Models

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Urban Land Use Models
Central Business District
The central part of the diagram
Shows the road network in a typical urban centre
All roads lead to the CBD so follow roads into the centre
Full of public buildings
Little outside space
Factories and Industry
Very large grey buildings are apparent in this section of the town
Lots of round buildings which would be storage facilities
Usually has trains, rivers and sometimes motorways.
Low Class Residential

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Competition for space so all houses are near each other
These houses are terraced and forms a iron grid street pattern
Roads are parallel
Little outside space
No gardens or garages
Middle Class Residential
Geometric patterns
Probably built in the 1960's urban renewal programme
Out of edge of cities and towns
These houses have more space
High Class Residential
Roads are more modern
Detached and semi-detached houses
Buildings are spaced out more and have large gardens…read more


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