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Urban Case Studies

Case Study Squatter Settlement: Kibera, Nairobi

Location: Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is situated in the south west of Kenya.
Kibera is a shanty town/squatter settlement/slums/illegal settlement/informal
settlement/favela (South America) located in the south of the city opposite the Motoine
River and on the…

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Improving sanitation is more difficult and progress is slow
Medical facilities are provided by charities
Gap-year students are encouraged to go to Kibera to oversee the spending and to
help coordinated efforts
A 15 year project that began in 2003 plans to re-house thousands of residents of
Kibera. It is…

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Express bus system ­ have special pre pay boarding stations which reduce
boarding time
Bus only lanes
Same cheap fare paid for all journeys that benefits poorer residents on
outskirts of city
Housing policy that will provide 50,000 homes for the urban poor


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