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Web pages
- A hypertext document connected to
the World Wide Web
Benefits Drawbacks
The business will look more Designing and maintaining a
professional. website can be very costly,
Potential customers can access special staff needed.
the website all over the world Technical difficulties can lead to
and 24/7. problems.
It is easier and quicker to Data protection of customer
update, rather than a paper and payment details can lead to
based documents. issues.
- A hypertext document connected to
the World Wide Web
Benefits Drawbacks
It allows you to perform there are many functions and
calculations quickly. formulas to remember.
Many functions and formulas Training will be needed to use
available the software to full extent.
it allows you to make graphs and It is easy to make mistakes, it
charts. can also be quite difficult.
- A structured set of data held in a
computer, especially one that is
accessible in various ways
Benefits Drawbacks
You can save lots of time Equipment and software can be
compared to paper databases. quite expensive.
You can sort information into if the computer fails, there will
order. not be access to the data.
you can create professional Training will be required to use
looking reports. the software to a full extent.
Diary Management software
-Diary management is the succinct
recording of an individual's plan and
appointments which is regularly
Benefits Drawbacks
Staffs time can be planned May lead to lack of face-to-face
efficiently. communication.

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Helps to prevent meetings and Time could be wasted planning
appointments clashing meetings and appointment,
Allows the whole team to rather than getting on with the
communicate quickly. task.
You need a computer and the
software, which can be quite
Project Management software
-Depending on the sophistication of
the software, it can manage
estimation and planning, scheduling,
cost control and budget management,
resource allocation,
collaboration software,
communication, decision-making,
quality management and
documentation or administration
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Benefits Drawbacks
Saves a business time when People can edit other people's
creating a project as a team. work.
Quick way of trading information May cause friction in a work
with work colleagues. place if people edit each other's
Lots of people can work on one work.
document.…read more


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