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Unwilling Settlers…read more

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The Prison Situation
Secure prisons were not common in Britain in
the 1830s.
Those who were found guilty of a crime were
`transported'. This was somewhere they could
not escape from easily.
Convicts were sent to the USA before 1776.
In 1787 the first fleet of ships left for Australia.
It was used for 80 years with 160,000 prisoners
being transported.…read more

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What happened to
Some were allowed a good deal of freedom and bought
Some worked on clearing land and farming.
Some would collect and break stones and build things
using the stone.
Some had useful skills were given `a ticket to leave'
providing limited freedom.
People who behaved very well could be pardoned.
Some escaped but could not survive in the heat.…read more

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Convicts were supervised by a governor and by
The degree of severity depended on the governor.
The convicts were harshly punished by being flogged.
The convicts lived in settlements.
The Australian people did not like having the convicts
and so the British government gave into pressure and
stopped transporting criminals to Australia.
The last ship landed on 10th January 1868.…read more


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